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Mentalok is an agile team formed with a group of highly skilled team members with diverse professions and functional areas working together in close proximity.

It is our unwavering commitment to understand the business processes, culture, vision, and goals of our clients across every industry segment that sets us apart from our competition. We provide highly reliable solutions which are highly adaptable to client needs, resulting in most innovative solutions across every business and technology domain.

Our Services

Mentalok has expertise and experience in delivering a variety of solutions and services across multiple industries

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e-Commerce Development

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Building the Future with
Digital Healthcare

1. What is the key technology that your organization specialises in?
Our core technology is Natural Language Processing (NLP), which enables machines to understand and generate human language. In the context of mental health research and development, we apply NLP techniques such as sentiment analysis, topic modelling, and named entity recognition. We are committed to using the power of NLP to drive advancements in the field of mental health, enabling us to better understand users’ needs and ultimately improve the lives of those who are affected.
2. Who are your clients?
Our goal is to enhance the accessibility and quality of mental healthcare services by connecting service users with the right resources and support, ensuring better outcomes and experiences for individuals seeking mental healthcare.
3. What types of technology solutions do you provide for institutional clients?
We provide custom software development solutions and offer corporate subscriptions to access our digital emotional support platform, which allows businesses to provide online social services to their clients. With more than 10 years of experience in software and cloud native application development, we have the capability to tackle even the most complex requirements. We utilize not only the most commonly used technologies, but also the latest ones, and implement agile methodologies and best practices. Additionally, we offer functional and management support services to ensure the success of your project.
4. What do you charge for your services?
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