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Our team has diverse capabilities with activities encompassing investment research and the development of artificial intelligence to understand the state of individual users’ mental health and provide personalized support in the future. Mentalok (Hong Kong) Limited is a member company of Incu-App Programme HKSTP and NVIDIA Inception Program.

Building the Future with
Digital Healthcare

1. What is your tech?
Providing our self-developed algorithms on digital platforms to facilitate medical practitioners and other professionals to keep track and communicate better with their patients and clients. This includes our NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithm, matching algorithm (case officers and service users) and mood measurement algorithm.
2. Who do you serve?
Our product and service aim to improve the connection between mental healthcare resources and service users. To become an enabler to bring people with mental healthcare needs to the right service providers.
3. What kind of tech solutions you offer to institutional clients?
We offer software development solution for custom needs and a corporate subscription to use our digital emotional support platform for providing online social services to their clients. Regardless, with over 10 years software and cloud native application development, we can meet any needs, no matter how challenging. We not only use the most widely used technologies but also the latest ones, and adopt agile methodologies and best practices. We also provide functional and management support services.
4. What is your fee?
If you are interested in our product and service, please feel free to email us at

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